Three Signs to Help Them Believe

Three Signs to Help Them Believe
Three Signs to Help Them Believe

Moses was concerned about what will happen if no one listened to him, so God gave him three signs to help them believe.

Signs pointing to the Problem of Belief

Moses already admitted that He was no one special (little did he know). He was not a confident person. However, he made a reasonable connection between the factors involved in communicating God’s message. Who would listen to him? If they would not believe. Perhaps God would do better with a better speaker.

God patiently listened to these worries. Then He offered a solution: Three signs that would help foster belief in God’s message and power.

The First Sign to Help Moses Believe

The first sign God offered Moses was the staff/serpent miracle. God asks Moses right there to identify what was in his hand – a staff – and asked him to throw it to the ground. When it struck the ground it suddenly became a serpent. This miracle was so believable that Moses attempted to flee. Then God asked him to grab it by the tail. After he did so it became a staff again in his hand.

This miracle plays just like a modern magic trick you might expect to see at a show in Vegas, not a prophetic sign that brings people to belief in God. But for Moses, it seemed to work.

The Second Sign to Help Others Believe

God immediately moved on to the second sign to help cultivate belief. This sign was looked like leprosy or some form of skin disease. It is likely that the Hebrew people, along with most people in the Ancient Near East would have been afraid of disease like this. They had little for medical knowledge and some of these diseases were fatal and contagious. The Egyptians were definitely concerned about skin diseases and had their own kinds of cleansing rituals.

This sign may have been more for the Hebrew and Egyptian people, since disease could spread beyond Moses and affect them as well.

The Third Sign

The final of these signs to help others believe was water from the Nile turning to blood. Blood is generally seen as a sign of death and impurity (when it is found outside the body), but water is a symbol of life. Especially fresh water in a desert-like environment. If the water of life to became a symbol of death and impurity, the people may have felt this as a spiritual attack on their civilization. Even today, where the water supply is tainted, civilization dies.

This sign, as God indicates, would get everyone’s attention.

We can ignore the signs that look like magic tricks. We can hide away and avoid the sicknesses or dangers that others may face. But when you mess with the necessities of life, food, water, air, shelter, etc. everyone starts paying attention. Those are the signs that make us believe.

They listen. They might even believe those signs God is giving.

What experiences have made you pay more attention to God?

What do you see here?

I’d love to hear what you see in this passage. You can comment below or send a text to 859-636-6965 for a faster response. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts on signs from God.

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