Pharaoh asks for help

Pharaoh asks for help
Pharaoh asks for help

Finally, Pharaoh realizes that his fight with God is hurting his people, so he asks for help.

Pharaoh Relents

After the scripture from yesterday, the Egyptian people must have had it with Pharaoh. They spent a week digging for fresh water that was not bloody. Then they had frogs getting into everything. Enough was enough.

He called for Moses and reopened negotiations. “If you take the frogs away, I will let the people go sacrifice to the Lord. Moses, asks when he wants it done. “Tomorrow” is Pharaoh’s request. Here is another show of power from God. God will take a request, even from Pharaoh, to prove who is truly God and to free His people.

Pharaoh rejects God after getting help

The next day, all the frogs died, and the people gathered the dead animals together. Somewhere in the midst of moving from live frogs to dead frog problems, Pharaoh changed his mind. He went back on his word and would not let the people go.

This again, was just as God had predicted to Moses. Pharaoh had a choice to free the people, even said he would. However, he changed his mind, repented (in a bad way) and made himself an enemy of God again. The help that Pharaoh asked for, that God brought him, caused him to harden his heart again.

Who shows themselves to be true to their word in this passage?

This text shows us that God keeps His promises and is true to His word. It also shows us that, by comparison, Pharaoh does not. Pharaoh gets the help he needs but goes back on his word after he receives it. Where do you see leaders keeping their word? Where do you see them breaking their word? What kind of impression do you have of your leaders when you compare them to God?

What do you see here?

I’d love to hear what you see in this passage. You can comment below or send a text to 859-636-6965 for a faster response. I look forward to hearing your thoughts on God’s character.

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