Jesus Politics 2nd Edition

Jesus Politics 2nd Edition Large Print
Jesus Politics (2nd Edition with larger print)

The 2nd edition of Jesus Politics: The Four Gospels in Politics is on sale through November. The content is nearly identical to the first edition, but this new edition comes with larger print and a beautiful new cover.

Why should you read Jesus Politics?

The Culture is Shifting

Whether you are a Christ follower or not, you have probably noticed that cultures are shifting all over the world. You have probably noticed that the polarization of politics has spilled over from some of the more embattled places in the world into Western Civilization. In some situations the conflicts are waged upon racial and ethnic lines. Other times they are generational boundaries that are being fought over. Still others are focused more directly on politics. Most encompass them all and more.

Shifting culture may seem like the problem, but the fact is, culture is always shifting. There is no avoiding change. Nor is there any long-term means of controlling that change. Cultures do not simply progress in one direction or another, they shift back and forth, and sometimes find new directions to go altogether.

The problem is when important cultural anchor points and authorities (such as Jesus and the Bible) are used to further the political agendas of those trying to control the cultural changes around us. This is not a new problem either. It has been a tactic of those in power and those seeking more since the beginning. However, just because something has been a longstanding problem does not mean we should give up fighting it. Leprosy and measles have been longstanding problems for humanity, yet we have found ways to win some concisive victories against them over the years.

A Better Method

Rather than use Jesus for our own political agenda, Jesus Politics shows what his own political agenda was in his words and deeds recorded in the gospels. These acts are compared with the different political factions among his own people and the unique political values that Jesus upheld. These values of grace, self-control, sacrifice, and incarnation challenged everyone around him 2000 years ago. They continue to challenge us today.

In this book you will not find suggestions of how to vote, or even if you should vote at all. You will find some examples of American politics, but there are examples of Jesus Politics outside the United States as well. This work is not exhaustive. Jesus Politics opens up new lines of political discussion based upon the best facts we have about the life and work of Jesus. Rather than prooftexting verses from one point or another, Jesus Politics looks at each gospel as a whole, and the four gospels together, to portray a holistic view of the political values Jesus taught. This book is essentially a bible study of the Gospels with a focus on politics, rather than a political study that uses scripture to reinforce previously decided conclusions.

You Can't Fight Fire with Fire

While I recognize that sometimes firefighters do indeed use fire to put out fires, there are sacrifices made in those conditions. Moreover, the fires they set are not put out with more fire, but with water and smothering chemicals. At the end of the day, we cannot fight with the same methods our enemies use to corrupt the world and culture around us. Jesus Politics offers something different because Jesus offered something different himself.

Don't get washed away by the waves of changing culture unawares. Find your anchor in the values Jesus taught and lived as you swim in the growing turmoil of our own politics.

Stay tuned for more

I’m still working on a discussion guide for small groups to use with this book. Send me a message or comment below if you are interested in a discussion guide to use with a group.

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